subject :   You
your name :   Junius
your country :   Newark
date :   11-13-09 (Friday)
your text :   I enjoyed feeling happy and relieved that there is someone irreverant that has done well in the publishing business. I want to meet you....!~!

subject :   Diane
your name :   Tony Rose
your country :   USA
date :   11/24/08
your text :   You are an exceptional woman and I love your website. Lets do a lot of work together. Tony Rose

subject :   Hi Diane
your name :   Troy Johnson
your country :   USA
date :   6/18/2007
your text :   Hi Diane this is Troy from I was compiling contact from BEA and came across your name, and decided to check out your web site -- very nice.

subject :   Saying HI
your name :   Diane
your country :   USA
date :   May 17
your text :   Hi Diane, my best wishes to you this morning, I am writing from Virginia and was impressed by your website. I found it by googling my name: Diane Patrick--and found you! Very pleasant surprise. have a great day & best regards from another Diane Patrick.

subject :   website
your name :   Elizabeth Wilen-Berg
your country :   USA
date :   June15, 2006
your text :   Your credits are impressive! You are really an amazing woman. Im so glad to be part of your writers circle of friends.

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