Name :   Cristina
Email :   
Comments :   You do beautiful work! I love the table sets, so much detail.
Name :   Connie Matteo
Email :
Comments :   Love your artwork and designs. We have similar tastes, ya know! Ive been painting tables and chairs lately as customers have really been requesting them! Your site and work is awesome!
Name :   Stacie Hernandez
Email :
Comments :   I love the trains you did for Bryson. I cant wait to give them to him for his birthday in June, so Im giving them to him now. Thanks so much I love them.
Name :   Patty
Email :
Comments :   I love your work. Its elegant funky chic. Just made that up. It makes one happy. I, too, have started painting childrens stuff (working on wall letters now) when I became a Gramma. You really inspired me. Thank you.
Name :   Brooke Irwin
Email :
Comments :   It was nice running into you! Have a blessed weekend!
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